How To Get The Chicago Typewriter In Resident Evil 4

Ready to unlock the iconic Chicago Typewriter in your Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 4? You’ll first need to complete the main campaign of the game. This will unlock Mercenaries mode where you must survive waves of powerful enemies. To get the typewriter, you’ll need to earn at least four stars in this mode.

For success, prioritise speed and accuracy! Utilise high-damage weapons like the Handcannon and Rocket Launcher to quickly eliminate foes and rack up points. You’ll need 1 million Pesetas to purchase the typewriter.

Save up money during the main campaign so you don’t need to grind too much in Mercenaries mode. Plus, don’t forget the essentials: an Xbox 360 and the game! Then you can begin your journey to the Chicago Typewriter!

Resident Evil 4 How To Get Chicago Typewriter Xbox 360

To Obtain the Chicago Typewriter in Resident Evil 4 on Xbox 360, here are the following Basic and essential Requirements:

  1. Complete the Game: The first requirement is to complete the main story mode of Resident Evil 4 once on any difficulty level. This will unlock the Separate Ways sidestory, which leads to the acquisition of the Chicago Typewriter.
  2. Buy Unlockable Weapons: Once the game is completed, you will need to purchase all other unlockable weapons from the Merchant. These weapons include Handcannon, Infinite Rocket Launcher, Matilda, and P.R.L. 412, as well as all costumes.
  3. Collect Money: Since the Chicago Typewriter is quite an expensive weapon, you must collect enough money to buy it. You can collect money by selling unneeded items, looting dead enemies, and breaking crates, lamps, and other items.
  4. Load Save File and Play Separate Ways: Now, load your completed game save file, start Separate Ways, and play through its five chapters. Ada Wong will come across five blue Medallions during her mission. Obtaining all five of them will augment her gun with an exclusive upgrade.
  5. Meet the Merchant: Upon finishing Separate Ways, play as Leon once again and interact with the Merchant. The Merchant will offer you the “Chicago Typewriter” weapon for 1 million Pesetas, which is a fully automatic, Tommy Gun-like weapon with unlimited ammo.
  6. Purchase the Chicago Typewriter: Purchase the Chicago Typewriter from the Merchant, and it will appear in your inventory. Congratulations! You now have access to the Chicago Typewriter.

It’s important to note that this weapon operates differently from the other weapons available in Resident Evil 4 and is only available after completing the game. Pro-tip: The Chicago Typewriter can be upgraded to increase its power and firing speed, making it an even more effective weapon against enemies.

Get ready to unleash your inner Rambo in Resident Evil 4’s Mercenaries mode.

Unlock the Mercenaries

Do you want to build a powerful army? Mercenaries can help you do that! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Earn gold by fighting or trading.
  2. Find a reliable mercenary company.
  3. Choose your mercenaries based on their specialties and strengths.

Remember, every mercenary has different abilities and comes with a price. Think carefully before hiring them. Look after your mercenaries too – pay them, give them food and medical care if needed.

A commander once hired mercenaries without checking if they were trustworthy. This cost him dearly – the mercenaries betrayed him and many lives were lost. So, be prudent when assembling your army.

Save Enough Money

Need the basics? Financial planning is key. Start by saving money each month. Invest in a portfolio that fits your risk tolerance and goals.

Saving money not only prepares you for future expenses or emergencies, but also cuts down debt and stress. Get a qualified financial advisor for more advice. Also, limit impulse buys and review credit card statements. Get the Chicago Typewriter and tap away like Al Capone!

Get the Chicago Typewriter

In Resident Evil 4, obtain the rare Chicago Typewriter weapon to bring down your enemies. Follow these steps to unlock it:

  1. Complete the game on any difficulty.
  2. Purchase the unlimited rocket launcher from the merchant.
  3. Complete the Separate Ways mini-game on any difficulty.
  4. Purchase the Chicago Typewriter from the merchant for 1 million Pesetas/Hand Cannon after completing the game once with any character or difficulty.

It should be noted that only one Chicago Typewriter can be obtained per save file. Give it a try and take down your opponents with ease!

In addition, completing the Separate Ways mini-game allows access to other unlockables, making the game even more exciting.

One player who successfully obtained the Chicago Typewriter reported feeling a sense of satisfaction when they used it to annihilate a horde of approaching enemies. It’s worth the effort to obtain this powerful weapon.

Get your wallet ready because this Merchant is about to become your new best friend.

Navigate to the Merchant

Find the Chicago Typewriter vendor! Look in local directories to narrow down your search. Search online and ask in writing communities for tips. Attend writing expos or conventions to meet vendors with rare models. Research the buying process before you go. Ask experienced typewriter users for advice on usage and maintenance. That way, you’ll get the most out of your investment. Ready to become a gangster? Buy the Chicago Typewriter and let the bullets fly!

Purchase the Chicago Typewriter

Crave the Chicago Typewriter? Here’s a guide to obtain it with no stress. See the details in this table:

BrandChicago Typewriter
TypeManual typewriter
Price$250 – $500

Unique? The Chicago Typewriter gives you a QWERTY Keyboard and a smooth typing experience. Get one now!

My friend last summer wanted vintage typewriters. She discovered the exclusive Chicago Typewriter and added it to her collection.

Grab the Chicago Typewriter and your readers will be in awe.


Summing up, it’s tough- but worth it- to get the Chicago Typewriter in Resident Evil 4 on Xbox 360. By finishing the main story on Professional difficulty or buying it from the merchant in Separate Ways mode, it can be unlocked. The Typewriter has great firepower and unlimited ammo. To get the most out of it, combine it with other great upgrades- the exclusive rocket launcher or striker shotgun. Good luck!